Thursday, November 26, 2009

Errrr......How frustrated do you think I am?

So, like I said before; got rid of and sold mostly all of my antique junk, collectibles, and ALL my craft supplies when I chose to move west.

Easy enough, just collect more junk and such right! Right, 14 months later, stashes, junk and craft supplies coming right along. thrift store furnishing and decor repurchased. Liking the NEW to me items. New things, new adventures, new friends, family close, great basement suite, new field of work, new indipendance, new thirft stores to do my daily (or close to), most importanly, great new man. Life is wonderful!

Until the big commitment move......yup, that's right, moving in with Mr. Wonderful. Happy right? Right!
Except, now we have two of everything and the house is very small 2bdrms, 1 bath and a cellar.

Now I find myself having to downsize all of the new lovlies that I have now, again, recollected. Trying to incorporate our design styles. Actually, that's the easy part! I just hate moving and love it all the same. It's like playing house. I just really hate getting rid of my stuff. Oh lovley stuff, how can we part ways? Someone tossed you away before, I swore to you I'd love you for a long time and now some of us must part. But which ones? So hard to choose.

It's not like it's garage sale season here. At least then I could check out your new folks and make a buck! These days, Oh lovlies, it's ALL about the Almighty Buck!

What to do, what to do?

Thanks for feeling for me. Gotta go pack, throw and store some more!