Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Post

I've been collecting craft supplies, bits, bobs, good junk, and thrift items for a while now with hopes of starting a Blog and get back in the swing of crafting for some time now. Well, since I moved to Alberta from Ontario almost a year ago. That's some time for sure! I had to leave most of that kind of stuff behind and start anew. I've re-collected collections and decorated my suite with mostly thrift finds and repurposed items.

Today, I started getting my craft room organized with all my goods. I set up my new-to-me PFAFF Hobby machine just to find out there was not bobbin case. May have to buy a new one....I'm not a new kind of gal, so we'll have to put sewing on hold for a bit.

I will do my best to get projects posted along with pictures on a regular basis, but let's face it, life goes on and on some times.

I dedicate this first post to all the fellow Blogger's that I have to admit that I've been kinda stocking for some time. It all started with the JMS (Junk Market Style).
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